Checking in from Blackpool area

After finding a few answers to stuff on here I thought i should sign up.

I’ve been flying RC since I was a nipper with my dad, planes, helicopters, gliders everything over the years really. Then jumped on the quadcopter bandwagon around the time of the KK2 era, built quite a few bigger ones with gimbals etc. then got quite into freestyle mini quads which I still enjoy, also lots of fixed wing FPV.

Then just the other day DJI finally managed to turn my head with their Mini 2 so I grabbed one from Argos the other day. Such an impressive little bit of kit.


Hi Mark and welcome to GADC.

Hey up and welcome to GADC, great choice on the Mini 2

We have a few members up your way, check out the members map.

Also have a look at our very own map for places to fly, all added by members, its also the only resource you’ll need for where its safe to fly.

Looking forward to seeing some of your media from the Las Vegas of the North ;o)