Cheer me up - New member from Kent


you’re :wink:


Hi Daiel, Nice to hear from you. I live in a city, so not many flying places but I have explored and found more that I thought. You need a quiet area with few dog walkers so you might have to travel a bit. My local golf course is good in the later afternoon when golfers are going home. The Spark is so small people see it as a “kids toy” compared with Phantoms. This is to your advantage, so dont give up, its a great modern hobby!


Mel thanks for taking the time and messaging me it means alot and your the second person said the spark looks like a toy it’s a shame these people are ruining it for the sensible ones I have yet to take it out lol have a happy new year and thanks you


Have you got any wide open areas that are nice and quiet you can go to?
If you’ve not done so yet, set it up and do all the updates at home and practice connecting it and starting and stopping the motors until you know you have that sorted, then get out to the quietest open place where you have no trees or objects near you.
Until you get used to it just use one battery and just practice taking off and landing, then make small steps until you gain confidence, always keep the Spark facing away from you until you get used to the controls, that way Left, Right, Forward and Backward are as you see them and you won’t get confused with the controls.
It won’t be long until you are flying about and not having to think too much about the controls.
Always make sure the homepoint is set and check it has done so before you fly off.

I’m not sure what the deal is these days with OTG and WiFi with the Spark but back just over a year ago there was a lot of debate saying that you couldn’t get very far on WiFi.
I did this range test on WiFi using a parabolic booster and I was more than happy with the distance, others have got further but this was quite far enough for me.