Cheltenham Drone Photography Required

I build websites for people. These tend to be for smaller businesses and one client said he would supply some pictures of a job which he had done. Sadly the original person who was going to take the photos has let us down and I am looking for someone who to be honest is not looking for a lot of compensation to take some drone photos of an orchard which was cleared by the client.

The location is a village called Greet which is about 6.5 miles (10km) from Cheltenham.

The exact location is 51.97184,-1.97147

A few still photos would be ideal and 20 / 30 seconds of video.

The only other consideration is the photos would need to be taken on a reasonably idyllic day. (I do not suppose people fly drones in bad weather.)

I would be very happy to give the operator a shout out on the website and a link to themselves if they have a website.

If this is of any interest to anyone on here my contact details are [email address & phone number deleted by admin - contact by reply or DM).

Many thanks


Check out the members map perhaps

Hi Charles,
I know Greet quite well, being part of the marketing team at the nearby heritage railway (GWSR).
Depending on your timing needs, I am usually down at Winchcombe once a week and so could perhaps take some images/footage for you.

Hi Bryan,

Many thanks for getting in touch.

That sounds great.

Let me get in touch with the chap who cleared this orchard which was heavily overgrown and I will get back to you.

Kind regards


How much is “not a lot”? :thinking:

Less than £500+expenses?


Looks like he wants it done for free, i was wondering if he builds websites for free :man_shrugging:

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