Chithurst Buddhist Monastery

Was lucky to get an invite to my local Buddhist Monastery to do some filming! This video is a draft at the moment but let me know what you guys think.


GREAT bit of film and a nice look into Buddhism

I am a buddhist so it does help

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Really Nice stuff.
As it’s a draft and you asked, I’d mix up the order a little bit but thats just a personal preference.
In particular, of your first 3 scenes I’d put the first one 3rd but that would knock everything else after it out of sync bit too. Then at about 48 seconds, the scene with the overhead shot stopped doing anything for me earlier and Would reduce the time of that shot.
But I must reiterate, I enjoyed it as it was and you know what you want from it. Great to see the monk any more candid footage of them?
And thanks for sharing.


Great filming.
I agree re changing the order as above.
Very professional editing.