Choreographed Drone Shows - General Thread


Yes its absolutely brilliant tech - saw a show in Shanghai 6 months ago in an indoor arena and it was brilliant. Them Chinese are light years ( pardon the pun ) ahead in the drone tech game. What DJI have on the “open market” is just the commercial tip of the iceberg - its why the USA is paranoid but WAY too late to do anything other than ban all chinese drone tech from USA. Pitiful really. What a great choice of city to showcase it from too - the city of the Terracotta Army.


Could be interesting to see what these guys come up with …


erm…WOW!!! :grinning:

Just hope that drones that can be this synchronised only come with lights and not little dirty bombs or the sort. :-1:

I’m assuming you already know the answer to this unfortunately :flushed:

Different people to the above, but very interesting - as are several other videos on their Instagram account. :+1:

Wonder if we could pool all our drones and do something like this over here for the NHS? Then again maybe not, as I’ve suddenly started having visions of numerous bits of drone falling out the sky. :rofl: :thinking: :rofl:

Moved your post over to this thread re drone displays.Keeps things together on an interesting subject. :+1:


Just before we got trapped in the UK we went to a display in a sports arena in Bangkok - they did one indoors and then outdoors at night - totally amazing experience. The indoor one had dozens and dozens of small hand sized drones all doing their thing. They are like a pyro firework display BUT they also do aerobatics just above the head which is mad but fascinating. Talk about flying at another level, and all youngsters too at the controls. Thoroughly recommended.

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Seen links to these coordinated drone displays previously. Is anyone doing these in the UK yet? How do they stack up with the regulations? Appreciate that they are computer controlled, but I’m guessing they must have some serious planning to get them up and home at night as a flock.

Would be interested if anyone has any details of what they are doing to programme the flights and keep the swarm controlled?

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Apologies if this link has already been seen:



I particularly like the end when the bird disintegrated.

UK’s biggest ever ‘drone swarm’ deployed by Underbelly to create Edinburgh’s Hogmanay’s film (

The short clip on the Edinburgh website looks pretty impressive.
Home - Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2020

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Hadn’t seen this before, absolutely stunning!

Amazing looking. WOW.


Thanks for sorting that out!!

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Worst auto-focus camera ever? Nice display, though.

multi drone pattern launched for Edinburgh festival. Think it starts at 7 pm tonight.