Christmas afternoon

Having spent the last few days as a “department store Santa” I was so knackered that I forgot to put batteries on charge on Christmas Eve. So I didn’t take advantage of the weather until the afternoon.

I ended up chatting to a family who were watching from a distance and found a great use for the new regulations. When asked by a hyperactive seven-year-old if he could have a go because he could definitely fly a drone a mention of the requirement to register or else we would be thrown in jail lets him down gently


Gorgeous pano, very jealous today!

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Some nice property there ;o)

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Including my house, the best in the district.

It’s the only one without me as a neighbour.


i did the same forgot ot check the batteries 3 of them where at %50 , a good chance to test the RTH worked a treat , hit the same spot 3 times on tarmac , or as near as damn it.

i was quite satisfied with what happened the fottage could have been better but we cant have it all

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Very nice pano @macspite👍

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Wait you mean you were impersonating Santa ?

I was helping Santa out by asking children if they had been naughty or nice and then asking the nice ones what they would like for Christmas. I was dressed like the great man himself and sent a full report to the North Pole each day so that good children might receive their wished-for gifts.

Ably assisted by my wife Penny (penalty) Claus and senior elves Elisha and Lily:


Well I guess he can’t be in all the shopping malls around the world all at once so he needs helpers.

Awesome photo.

I guess the real Santa is lying on a beach in Florida now.


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And all the bastard left in my stocking was a lump of coal … :angry:

Maybe he thinks that your drone is powered by coal. Or maybe it’s magical and it really will power your drone.

Coal, bloody luxury

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wow! top job!