Cinewoop as my first drone?

Good suggestion, and the thing is I would if I could afford to do that, but I can’t so at first I’ll have to go the cheapish route.
I’m sure pretty soon I will want upgrades and top of the line equipment after I get bored of the cheap stuff, but for now I have to work with what I have.
thanks for the suggestion though I will have a look into what you suggested for the near (hopefully) future :+1:

You mean:

…after you break it…

There is one sure thing in FPV. You will break stuff.

Thanks everyone who gave me a better understanding of how to start, I really appreciate you all sharing your knowledge and understanding.

I have purchased EV800D goggles, JumperT lite V2 controller, and will purchase the Mobula7 V2 65mm drone. (and ofc extra props, batteries, ect)
I haven’t purchased the drone yet so if you feel there is a better selection for a similar price, please let me know
Very keen to start flying, thanks again GADC!

Which one 4in1 or elrs?

4 in 1, don’t worry I didn’t make that mistake :laughing:
I’ll be purchasing an ELRS module when I need

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Well done.

Do get some sim time in, first - it’s very much like learning to ride a bike; until it clicks there’s a lot of crashing. Orqa FPV.Skydive is about the best free one I’ve tried. Certainly the physics is good enough to get you started.

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Thank you, my controller should be arriving first so I’ll be trying some Sims :+1:

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I have a Moblite7 which is pretty similar, twitchy as anything, but if you can fly that well in an enclosed space, you can fly anything. It is fun outside on a calm day but be careful you don’t lose it…