City life City Girl

This is a tester of a video I am working on to complete in the next few weeks


Really liked this city footage. Good work

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Thanks @Neil79 I have an extended video coming soon

Some nice little shots there👍.

I particularly like the reflections off the buildings from the sun.

The close up shots are a great change and mix up well with the high panning ones.

Looking forward to the extended version👍.

Ps, like the soundtrack to

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Thank you @Leylo1971 :+1:

Well here is the new version filling the gaps to suit the song really enjoyed making this and editing hope you like

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Some nice shots and colours and a nice little vid altogether👍. I like the time lapses.

It may be just me that’s missed something, but there seems to be a cliff shot with waves crashing at the 1 min mark. Just wondering :thinking:.

Lyrics - this cities bigger than the ocean :+1:

Sorry, my bad​:rofl:. I was watching it on a bog brake with the soundtrack low, so didn’t really hear the lyrics :rofl:.

I’ll give it another watch on a genuine brake :+1:.

Forgot to mention, I like the style of it also.

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Thanks @Leylo1971 :+1:

An interesting story it told. Loved the music too

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Thank you @Manty :+1: