City of Spires - Lichfield


Oxford - in the far distance?

Very nice angle.

About 85 miles in the distance :wink:

Apologies for lack of detail with the photo, I was that pleased to have managed to get out flying yesterday and get this shot. Its Lichfield and the delivery vans on the left next to the posh supermarket to give some idea where the shot was taken from. It’s a mini 2 on auto.

Thread title edited to add locaion.

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Thanks - I had no idea where this was :blush:

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I will try harder next time … honest!
Thanks for sorting the title out.

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Exif on the DJI stuff is a god send ;o)

Cathedral, three spires, wonder where that could be? :grinning:

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Lichfield, according to the topic title now :man_shrugging:t2:


I originally thought Coventry. But the image didn’t match lol

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