Clarkson herding sheep by drone

Still a knob, drone fan or not


Two and a half grand?

The drone shop must have had bloody big plate glass windows. They certainly saw him coming!

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He wouldn’t know a drone controller from a line of coke on a pub toilet cistern. 100% someone else was flying that. He’s the archetypal bumbling idiot with two left hands and feet and also not forgetting he’s got the directional awareness of a gnat.

As with most of what he does though, great entertainment. (except WWTBAM)

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I hope this farm show is better than that island shite that Hammond did.

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That’s not far off for a Mavic 2 Enterprise Thermal (£2700 -2800)

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That makes more sense if the drone is part of a fully thought out farm management system. It would have a variety of uses around the place.

But this is Clarkson we are observing.

If I had the opportunity to sell him a cheap Mavic clone with a loudspeaker araldited to the body for two and a half grand I would definitely take it :slight_smile:

You’d have to beat me to it Rob!
Nice polite gent is Jeremy, he once waved to me when I let him out of a side road in Cheshire while he was testing a Bentley!

I watched one episode and was like nah

i was thinking this; it definitely will be. Clarkson is much better on-screen on his own than Hammond. May is good, but Clarkson is best.