Classic BMW at Carron Valley

Something very different for me. My wife’s cousin has a classic BMW and asked if I would be up for doing a video of it. Im not into cars but thought it would be great practice to do something rather than mountains. I really enjoyed it as it let me experiment a learn more. I tried 5 times to get music but kept getting drawn to electric guitar and bass etc, put down a simple rhythm on electric guitar and this song appeared so went with the flow. The last 2 years has seen me learn Cubase from scratch and starting to get the sound better now! Hope you enjoy :+1:


Definitely a classic, thanks for sharing.

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Yep sure is, thanks for watching👍

Do you use Adobe Audition to edit your music?

Hi Greyseal, I use to Cubase 11 to record all the instruments and also mix and master with Cubase with it. I’m very limited as I only have my living room to play and only use headphones to master, so hard to get lower end decent! I use Superior Drummer for drums. How does it sound to you? Feedback is always good! :blush: