Cleethorpes and old gun fort in 4k


That Zoom camera has really frigging brilliant definition! Crystal clear! :+1:

Gotta say Frank , you show the Mavic 2 Zoom at its best !, well flown ,great video, loved it !

Thanks mate, it was shot in D-Cinelike and colour graded in LumaFusion but I just added contrast + adjusted the levels slider and reduced the highlights, I didn’t adjust the colour sliders at all. I also added a touch of sharpening on the fort shots.

Thanks Chris, it’s a great place for flying.

Good video Frank ov Clethorps and surounding area.

Cheers Barry

I was really meaning just the basic lens definition. Pin sharp.

I grew up around this area. Tons of interesting places to fly…
Shame I live a 3hr drive from there now :frowning:

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Oh yes Dave not a bad little camera.

Nice video Andy, I’ve tried to watch it on big screen on YouTube but the YouTube link doesn’t seem to be on the player for some reason.

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Hmmm strange.
Here’s the rest of the url to paste after


see if that works.

Got it Andy great video mate.

Frank at his best as usual ,
Nice bit of filming buddy .
You want to see what this guy did with a Spark . Then you will understand what he can do with a MZ …

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Very nice vid @Frank

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Like that. :+1:

Like it I will have to visit this place

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Haha miss my little Sparky sometimes Shane.

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Cheers mate

Did you use a LUT? If so - built in to LumaFusion or downloaded from somewhere?