Cleveleys, Fylde Coast

A few from the beach:


Nice set :+1: :+1: :+1: what is the “corkscrew” looking item ?? - got me intrigued :thinking: :grin:

Marys Shell


Interesting pics!

They also add the Coastal Flyer Badge to your profile. :+1:


Thank you :+1: :+1: :+1:

It’s massive, cracking bit of public art. Here is a terrestrial shot or 2 of it -


Nice pics! The black and white one is brilliant.

We have the Anthony Gormly statues on the beach about 2 miles from my house but it is a very busy beach but I will be taking some aerial photos soon when I find a quiet day.

Really nice pictures, especially the B&W long exposure of Mary’s Shell.

I lived in Cleveleys, a flat just off Anchorsholme Lane, for three years as I was studying at Fleetwood Nautical College. This was from 1987 to 1990. I haven’t had the opportunity to return but browsing via Google Earth I can see there have been some big changes since I was last there.


I’d think so, the front seems to have had a massive recent refurb, most the way along the coast to Blackpool to Fleetwood has had new tide defences and refits.

I assume you mean Another Place? I’ve been there many times with my normal camera, but not the drone. As you said it’s always busy, but sure you will get the chance.

It’s on my drone list and has been for a long while.

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Yes that’s the one


Dogs weathered well :wink:


Great light, long shadows, and really crisp images.