Cley, Salthouse and surrounding areas?


Does anyone knows if I am allowed to fly my drone at cley in Norfolk and surrounding areas like Salthouse?




Morning Dougie. Have you downloaded the NATs app? This will give you all the no fly zones and the reasons…see pics.
Don’t forget to set the parameters to exclude upper airspace cos we don’t fly up there with the big jets. It’ll also show power lines, prisons etc etc.


I’ve had a look, Cley Marshes is a nature reserve, indicated by the big yellow area on the map, there’s nothing under law to say you can’t overfly it, but the landowners will prohibit you from taking off from it. (They don’t own or regulate the airspace.
There is also some wind turbines and a power generating plant nearby which it warns you of.

Salt house has no hazards


Living in Norfolk, I have flown at Cley a couple of times, with no problems (except for seabirds).
I found the best place to fly is from a layby just beside the road (coming from the Blakeney direction) it gives a great overview of the Windmill and the reed marshes.
And you have clear view of the flight over the reed beds over to the mill.
It is only a matter of a few hundred yards from the main village.
You can also walk from there to the shingle beach, but you may be into the Bird Reserve as @Brian has indicated ,so be wary.
They are also very “drone wary” around the Wells area, as the area is ALL own by the Holkham Estate, including the village of Wells-Next-Sea.
Even the beach is out of bounds, unless you have permission of Holkham (unlikely!, going on my and @PaperCrane personal experience in the summer )
Nothing stopping you from fly anywhere though, providing you take off from a Public Place ! :roll_eyes:
Yet to fly Salthouse, although I intend to, next year.!