Clipstone headstocks

These are the tallest pit headstocks in Europe . I filmed this some time ago using the Advanced .
On a breezy day the headstocks wheels will turn in the wind .
I have never had the bottle to fly through them . Have you ? . Love to see it done .
All the vids i post are all within 10 miles of my home .


Sad visual reminder of the collapse of the Great British industrial empire :sob:
Fred Dibnah would cry …:cry:
Where has the rest of the pit gone ?

Would make a nice house … with unusual “features” and a nice lake.

That stupid golden hand garden ornament will have to go …

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The hand is on another site next to the pit and an easy place to take off from .
Yep . Shame about all the pits .

Congrats on earning the Industrial Revolution badge @shane9377 :clap:t2:

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