Close encounter with a Peregrine Falcon


I have the full video to post to YouTube later, but the internet here is not great.


Gotta love how a drone makes it so easy to take a “bird’s eye” view. :wink:


Brilliant for us viewing now, but I expect scary for you at the time - Guessing the falcon would win in the air if it wanted to…


First the incredible obstacle avoidance RTH “experiment” - and now this?!

We need a rather unique badge for your experiences @colinbm :scream:


At the time I only saw the first pass and thought it was a seagull, so wasn’t too worried. Then played it back and was able to pause - eek!


Here’s the longer footage - Some footage from Iona


We’re currently investigating why Instagram videos stop working here after a day or so. It’s a strange one.
(Strange that I can edit the initial post and it starts working again.)


I hadn’t noticed - perhaps as you’ve now edited it.


So do skins put off birds? I’m terrified of seagulls after being mobbed once. I heard that going high was a good evasive manouever?


Mine is a white one, without skin, so maybe easier to mistake for another sea-bird. That was at 50m - certainly didn’t have a repeat for the straight down view which was at 120m.


My close encounter with a Gulls, on Pyramiden, Spitzbergen.
They showed no fear, as they probably had never encountered a drone before !


My MP is default grey … but I see them get twitchy as soon as they hear it start up still on the ground. I think the noise is key to their “interest”.