Close encounters of the blurred kind.. 🫣

Had a fun session with @Jase_MK this PM in some fields at the back of where we work.

This was my bad… and waaaaay too close for comfort - Sorry Jase! :man_facepalming:

My view of Jason…

And his view of me…

Cracking pics… but not really ones I plan on taking again!

I think combined head-on speed would have been approaching 140-150kph. Wouldn’t have been a lot left had they met in the middle. :fire:


Incredible picture of mine! :grinning: :+1:

Obvs glad they didn’t touch, but I think it might have not been tooooo bad. You were sort of travelling backwards/sideways, so the impact itself might not have caused too much damage. The subsequent disarm/crash from 40m up though…

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Where’s the voyeuristic fun in that?


Click bait title, I thought it was about some 99% moonshine for the festivities….:flushed:

Awesome pictures by the way…:+1:

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