Closeness warning


I imagine I’m guilty of infringement, if you were to totally abide by the letter of the law then the only place you could fly would be the middle of nowhere with nothing to see and what’s the point of that ?. I live in an urban environment, I’m close to an international airport and also a small grass runway airport. I live under the flight path of the low flying police helicopter, the air ambulance lands at the end of my avenue on almost a daily basis for the local hospital. I use my own common sense, if I feel there is any chance of me causing harm then I won’t fly. I have flown over Old Trafford when it was empty, 6am, the stadium has NO NFZ in place MCFC Ethihad stadium does have a NFZ so not flown over it. I fly all the time at Media City I have even had a couple of police officers come and watch with no problems, I’m happy to take my chances I don’t just want to film grass and trees.


Morning I agree with Steven absolutly spot on with your comments, its the people that just do what they want when they want and then the rest of us suffer, we have a guy near us who flys a drone that as I can see is a sort of hybrid home kit build, I can tell you its bloody quick and he flys over the houses down into gardens and it just puts peoples back up…
If regulatons get so strick and make it impossible to be creative then the drone is gone, no point in just flying over fields filming nothing interesting…


I wouldn’t worry unduly. When you consider how many drones there are in use in the UK alone and how many numb nuts, reckless, pilots are actually prosecuted (1 or 2 per year, if that) any risk of prosecution for responsible pilots like our members is tantamount to zero.

The CAA are far too busy with controlling the UK airspace and troubled airlines (Ryanair and Monarch) to get involved in footage containing very minor breaches. Similarly with the police who, if I was honest (and that based on my recent operational experiences), are also almost universally ignorant re these matters.

Like I said before, don’t stop the creativity and production of quality footage.