“Closest Town/City” field

To help identify exactly where a DS item is when it’s listed on the forum under “Places to Fly”, I wondered if it were possible to implement a mandatory field for “Closest Town/City” for new DS entries moving forwards?

The current system relies on contributors updating the Area field with the name of the subject (i.e. The Red Lion pub) and then the relevant location after (The Red Lion Pub, Ashby-de-la-Zouch) for entries to make sense once they’re copied over to the forum.

My thinking was that if this could somehow be implemented so the “Town/City” field were added into the forum title, this could save committee members valuable time updating DS entries in future.

If we take this example Andy @rustybarnet

The forum title would change from:

Booth Wood Reservoir - Added to Lakes and Reservoirs in Yorkshire and the Humber


Booth Wood Reservoir - Added to Lakes and Reservoirs in Ripponden, Yorkshire and the Humber

Another example:

South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum - Added to Historic Buildings in Yorkshire and the Humber

Would become:

South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum - Added to Historic Buildings in Doncaster, Yorkshire and the Humber

And the last example:

Must Farm Quarry - Added to Everything Else in East of England

Would become:

Must Farm Quarry - Added to Everything Else in Peterborough, East of England

That kinda thing?

If we did this, I would rather people didn’t enter anything and that Drone Scene geolocated the town name automatically (like it does the county name already).


Hi Rich- thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

That’s absolutely the kind of thing I was thinking. I just wasn’t sure how easy the geolocation side of it would be, so suggested the manual option.

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I think the other issue would be if sometjing is equidistant from 2 or 3 towns which one do you pick, and do you allow one persons perception to determine which town is nearest.
I believe Rich @PingSpike has probably developed the Carling of drone “APPs”

This can probably be fixed with a line of text added to the ‘Location Details’ box when entering a location.

‘Please include nearest town/village/setttlement’

I’m just changing a few now, I got the ‘location’ by just looking at the wiki or top Google hit for the location.

Further to that, for some of the Scotland/Wales ones that are out in the wilds, I’ve just added the county



I’m not a lager drinker, so they’re both the same to me but I’m guessing you’re invoking the “Probably the best…” reference. :slight_smile:

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Admin rests its case ;o)

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This is the issue with automating it.

I’d say the logical solution would be to select the settlement which you would use to navigate from to access it, or follow road signs etc. to until you get close based on the road/rail network, but you’re not going to get that from automated geolocation, unfortunately.

Depending on which direction you approach from?

What about a precise location by using what3words ? can’t get much closer than that

They all have that anyway.