Coastline at Ballure, Isle of Man

I shot this panorama yesterday morning, during a sortie where I was taking a specific view for a ‘then and now’ book due to be published later in the year. Air2S with Litchi, 8 shots but in 3 shot AEB, giving 24 images then combined in PtGui. Not too sure how it wil come out here, so the link to it on my website is: Aerial Panorama at Ballure, Ramsey, Isle of Man 16/4/22

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You certainly manage to sell that island as a tourist destination. :+1:

I moved here in 1990 and have never regretted it! It’s a lovely island
with a huge range of scenery, vintage railways - perfect! Oh, and also
some very reasonable drone flying regulations.

Good tax breaks too if you keep your ‘company’ jet there

Or your £1.7m Motor Home

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We do have an aircraft registry, but surprisingly few business jets
actually based here, not too sure as I don’t work at the airport any
more, but might be only 1 jet and a couple of turboprops.

18 less since March :wink: