Cold temp warning

Evening all, had a chance to fly the new replacement Mavic today but it was cut short when a battery warning appeared, it said something like the battery is below 15’ and should be used once its above 22’…
Has any one else had this warning and is it a bit Ott and just carry on flying ?.

Yeah used to get that a lot but was usually before take off.
You must have been right on the limit and temperature dropped when you got in the air.

I normally keep battery in a pocket before flying or add a chemical heat pack to my mavic case before I leave. Heat pack

If flying in winter I normally start the props manually and just leave the Mavic on ‘tickover’ for a few minutes before takeoff.

That said, the batteries are usually warm(ish) from being in the house / car before hand.

My coldest flight (-7, -4.5 or -3C, depending on whether you believe the weather station, car 1 or car 2) I managed a 26 minute flight, some of it up at nearly 400 feet. The Mavic and battery did start off in the house, though it was early in the morning so the house wasn’t exactly toasty, but I didn’t get any warnings at all

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Thanks guys, I did start the props going and let it stand ticking over for about a min because it was fresh out of the box, but the Mavic and cells had been in the back of my van all day and it does get pretty cold in the back there.
I will give her another go today and take you advice about getting some heat in the cells before flight…

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Charging them will naturally heat them, or put the Mavic case in the footwell with the van heater / blower on :wink:

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Excuse the crappy Instagram video quality but I flew my Mavic in Iceland in March and this flight was the coldest, the car was reading -4C and there was a stiff breeze but not once did I get a temperature warning. My hands on the other hand nearly went blue as I’d forgotten to put gloves on. :smiley: