Coleshill Church, my first edit ever

Not only was this my first ever edit, I needed rescuing on site as my car had a flat battery…


Is that coleshill by highworth mate

It is.

Very good well done :+1:

Great video I’m in stratton mate do ya fly much

I’m over Shrivenham way. I fly when I can to get my skills up.

Thank you Mungmeister.

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Same here mate I fly a mavic pro with goggles also but still learning the goggles but good experience get out when weather is good which ain’t that often lately think my batteries discharge themselves this time lol

I’m flying a spark. How do you feel about goggles? Do you need a spotter to watch your Mavic while you use them?

I love the goggles I do use a spotter most of time but I know a chap with loads of land so when I’m there I don’t but my mate comes with me with his Mavic air so he spots for me

Very nice. Loved the pull back through the trees and the reveal of the street. Did you film it flying backwards ?

Thank you, Yes I did. I thought it was a nice way to end the edit

Nice flying. I’m going to have to practice more, though today is not the day to do it in the NW Highlands.