Colours of Autumn

Imaged were taken out of the video I took this morning flying over the trees at Arrowe Park Wirral reminds me of coral !!!


Amazing colours Barry!

Great photos :slight_smile:

We seem to have skipped autumn up here this year and went straight to winter.

Not too good when Scotland already only has 3 seasons… spring, autumn and winter.

Nice photos :+1:

Thanks Rich


Those colours are stunning. Thanks Barry.

Cheers Steve

Alex nice photos Autumn sure brings out some beautiful colours…

Lovely, I really do need to get out this weekend in hope there are still some leaves left anywhere!

Based at Faslane for a good few years. Only ever had 2 seasons there… Wet or Dry, (mostly wet if I remember correctly). :wink:

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And there was me all my life thought Scotland only had one season, Winter.

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Hi Bri
Not long now before all the colours gone…next it will be all white.

The UK only has two seasons … one is very cold, wet and windy …. the other is winter.


Haha very true especially today