Competition Ideas

Hello Ladies and Gents

So id like to set up a competition that will set us off for the new year,
And offer a Brand New GoPro Hero 5 as a prize for someone to win.

But I think we should discus what kind of competition we should do and maybe the winner could receive the prize at the meeting?

The floor is yours guys what competition should we do?

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That’s really generous of you Andy!

How about the best video recorded while at a GADC meet up?

Granted we’ll have to wait till Spring time and Sod’s law also says it’ll be raining :roll_eyes:

And having thought about it, not all members would be able to attend so perhaps a little unfair.

Ok, scratch that idea :rofl:

Interested to hear other people’s suggestions!

What about best show reel?

It’s no problem at all

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Any rules? like flight must be within all UK (or National) Laws?

Yea as this will promote safe flying.

Im thinking a competition of some sort that everyone has a chance in, in that it’s not necessarily going to the pros.

Could even do something with a small entry fee and money goes to a worth while charity.


great idea

Really generous of you putting the prize up BTW

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Its not a problem at all.

Im hoping this will get more people involved so we can better our community.

Happy Flying

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Any more suggestions on a competition we could hold for this prize??

This is a big prize. Really generous of you Andy.