Complete Nooob from the High Peak

Hi. Danny here from the High Peak just saying hello.

I am completely new to this…just treated myself to a Mavic Mini, and been out a few times already on the moorlands above Glossop where I live.

Obviously I am very nervous at the moment flying the drone, but I dare say that the more I practice the more confident I will become.

Anyhow I do have a million questions I am sure that you all can help with, I will of course post these in the correct forum but for now its nice to meet you all!


Hi Danny !, and a big welcome to the GADC Forum, the best in the Country !.
Feel free to pick our brains, we have a wealth of knowledge on this Forum of most makes of drones, so feel free to fire away !.
Sooooo, pull up a chair, pour a beer and get involved ,and we will help out with your concerns in anyway we can !.
I have no doubt that one of the Moderators will be around shortly to welcome you officially.

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100% correct Danny!

As you practice you’ll gain confidence In what the aircraft can do. So practice, practice, practice. One thing you do need to be careful of though is wind. Such a light aircraft doesn’t;t handle strong wind very well and the wind speeds tend to increase the higher you go. Even the experienced amongst us can get caught out:

Well worth subscribing to Ian’s videos!


Hi Danny, welcome. I’m originally from Glossop, now living in Morecambe. I grew up in Crowden, going to Glossop School. You have some stunning scenery all around you.
One thing to be aware of as you grow in confidence is getting over confident.
But enjoy the experience.


Welcome to the pleasure Drone, sorry guys can’t help mesen it’s the meds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Enjoy the best drone forum around :+1:


Thanks for all your welcomes guys. :grinning:

Welcome Danny @xdsxwolfman

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Hi Danny, Im new too and know nothing yet but these guys are beyond helpful so you are definitely in the right place,