Completing the Photosphere

Anyone know whether if I took a photo of the sky. straight up, with my DSLR at the same(-ish) that the MP was taking its Photosphere, could I merge that pic into the MP’s 34 to complete the whole sphere?
I’d have to use a wide-ish angle lens to reach where the MP’s stop, obviously. Perhaps the GoPro would be a better choice?
Just a thought … would need good cloud detail, too.

Have you tried this yet Dave?

I’d imagine it’d be incredibly hard to do?

As in the post I mean, alignment etc, the clouds will have probably moved??

Not tried yet. Still in my mind to do so.

Clouds move within the existing Mavic Pano … but, of course, “relatively” slowly to the overhead clouds.
A low wind day would help.

It’s a shame the Mavic doesn’t take all the higher pics first.
a) better matching, and
b) better idea when to take the missing pic.

If anything, the BIGGEST problem is that most panos I’ve taken have been when the MP isn’t near me … but if the clouds are moving, I could take the missing pic early/late depending if the wind is blowing toward/away from the MP.

The more tricky this sounds … the more I want to try and achieve something.

I’m also wondering if I can Blu-Tack this little camera top-centre to the MP and have it taking pics every so many secs … LOL!

(mini-drone for scale. :stuck_out_tongue: )

That’s a good point actually. I’ve seen some from @RaRaRasputin that were taken directly over lakes using Hangar360 :open_mouth:

This one baffles me … since there is no alignable detail in water surface. I’ve had a few fails over a river. :confused:

It is hit or miss. You do get artefacts at the join

I was getting gaps where it couldn’t decide where to put the image. :stuck_out_tongue:

Over water I got a pyramid/cone effect lol

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