Compulsory DJI Safety Test before flying?

Is it legal for them to change the functionality of a product like this after it sold?

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Yup, it sure is :cry:

USA have had this test for a while now, I guess it was only a matter of time before it arrived here.

Yet another reason to either roll firmware back or simply stop updating it :frowning:

My apps not asking yet have you seen the questions?

I don’t think its implemented yet…

Won’t be long - next firmware update?

What’s the problem? If it helps in some small way to make flying safer for all which in turn just might stop some numpty ruining our ‘sport’ for ever, bring it on…

As for rolling back the f/w and miss out on so much more functionality just to avoid a few questions, really??

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@Peter - couldn’t have put it better myself :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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agree with you totally but i think its the implementation as from what i have herd you have to do it each time you fly so what do you do when you have no signal?

not sure if its also true but read it from an American site saying theres glitched out and asked them randomly as if they had not done it.

for me it should be done on pc/app and linked on to your account so it knows with maybe renew every 6 months but have the option if you have a PFCO then you don’t have to keep doing it. so your not affecting any paid work.

Ah, hopefully that’s not the case… Yes, I agree doing it once should suffice, we’ll see… :slight_smile:

I did the DJI Go test this morning, nothing unexpected It was just basic drone code stuff, you have the option to skip the test for 4 occasions not sure what happens on the fifth I presume you just can’t skip.
It looks like you just do it once not on every start up.

Yeah I think this is a good thing overall, hopefully it will help to educate future pilots. It’s also a positive thing for the media to pick up on.

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Yes, agree it’s a good thing overall. I also saw conflicting reports from the US forums about whether it was every flight and hence whether an Internet connection was needed.

That would be pretty stupid, but then GoPro did just that last year - you couldn’t connect to the camera from the app without first logging in to GoPro (a poorly ecxecuted attempt to try to make everybody subscribe to the GoPro cloud thing). GoPro did back down, after an awful lot of people pointed out that GoPros were often used in places where there wasn’t an Internet mobile signal. I was on a dive live-aboard at the time, and fortunately hadn’t updated my software (not normally a mobile signal in the middle of the ocean!)

Hopefully DJI will give things a little more thought

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Every flight will piss me off, once a month I’m fine with!
Interesting what the consequences of failing it would be? permanently grounded?
That could be classed as a virus! intentionally disabling your property? and potentially illegal?

Anyone seen this test out in the wild yet?

I’m guessing it’ll be ‘enabled’ in the next version of GO4?

Did mine last night no app update just had to get the drone ready to fly

I had this pop up on the latest Go app, pretty straight forward and it does give you the option to skip (no sure how long or many times you can skip though).

Since taking the test which is only a handfull of questions it hasn’t asked me again.

So it’s out there already?! They didn’t hang around did they :slight_smile:

Wish they’d release bug fixes that quick :rofl:

Yeah I had to answer it today for the first time…sensible for now. If I have to do it every single time that could be somewhat vexing.