I guess it had to happen. Today for the first time I was confronted by someone who objected to me flying my Mavic Mini. First I was asked if I had a licence. Yes I said but I didn’t bother to point out that the Mini didn’t need one. I was then accused of flying over her cottage. I hadn’t and pointed out that I am never fly closer than 50 metres to any building (nearer to 100 metres in this case). Asked if the drone had a camera. Yes but pointed out that I don’t continuously take photos whilst flying in the same way she probably doesn’t continuously take photos with her mobile phone. She said it upset her dog every time I flew. I didn’t comment but should have mentioned that I get annoyed with my neighbours mowing their lawns. I did finish the conversation by pointing out that I assume she didn’t complain every time a helicopter or light aircraft flew in the area because they might be filming her.

Interestingly she didn’t want my name but there again I wouldn’t have given it to her. Obviously there were things I should have said but I didn’t argue and was polite. Probably best in future to fly a little further away from her property but the Mini is a lot noisier than my Hubsan H501SS and her dog will probably hear it from a mile away.

Did I win the argument? Probably not! You can never convince the ignorant.

Confrontation is never pleasant.



I wouldn’t have even engaged.


Sorry but would of just told her to f off!!!


Should’ve just ignored her.

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I agree with everyone and would of told her to stick it where the sun don’t shine, also would of reminded her that (if in flight) it is not wise to distract a pilot in operation of a drone and just kept shhhh-ing her :rofl:



Poodle ?

I think the ‘you are actually committing a criminal offence madam. Please stop and I will talk to you once the aircraft has safely landed’ approach is best. Then squeeze every last milli amp out of the battery. Ask her to retire a safe distance whilst you land.

But you are right any confrontation leaves a bad taste.


Some people feel the need to validate their existence and will complain about anything even if they don’t know what they’re actually complaining about. She was probably complaining because she had read two column inches in the Daily Mail about the evils of drones, was convinced that your antics would bring about the Rapture, and it was her civic duty to create some white noise. My father was exactly the same as once he’d read a pamphlet on something he was immediately an authority on the subject.



I saw a guy flying yesterday, went up to him and said good morning.

The look on his face told me that he’d probably had a few ‘run in’s’ under his belt, but it was good to see his relief when I told him I’d been flying earlier.

We had a quick chat, nice guy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a bystander scowling at the guys drone which was stationary at 40ft and well away from anyone. I reckon he was going to have a go, but thought I’d beaten him to it!



Just ordered a ID card from this lot ( also comes with a few ID stickers for your drone, worth a try for under £10, some people when they see a ID card around someone’s neck always think they are meant to be doing what they are doing lol

Plus you have all your CAA info on card and QR links to your CAA details as well, saves having to look for the info if you are asked for it.


I’m sure the officer will wait.

Put on a Hi-Viz vest as well.

I was camped on a sports field with several dogs and a drone came over very close, so i went thinking to ask the flier not to come too close as i thought maybe accidentally hit one of the dogs, it was a club several guts flying drones and planes, he was very nice said look i show you i do have control over it, i wont come so close now if its worrying them. We got chatting, several of the guys showed me their drones and aircraft on ground and flying, and i was given a controller to do a test flight myself of a quite expensive drone , fascinating, now i have my own first drone alldownto that man handling a tricky situation maturely and helpfully


Guys not guts :grinning:

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You were probably right first time…lol

Great story…:+1:

Sadly I don’t think I would have convinced the woman that confronted me to take up drone flying. Pleased to hear that you have joined the hobby.

Nice to know its not just me who gets confronted. I was challenged by a more educated anti drone person the other day. Who asked me do I have permission to take off and land from this land. Fortunately id checked it was council land and the Lancashire County Council have no droning policy against the area. Just PCPOs against certain parks. Where do you guys check for this sort of info?

I was confronted by an angry women once and I tried to explain what I was doing but she kept shouting. I simply said I am more than happy to have a discussion but if your gonna shout at me then I am not interested. She kept shouting questions in very nasty way, I simply ignored. When she asked why are you not answering me, i explained again while she shouts abuse and not prepared to discuss properly I will not be talking at all to her. I then said to her, if she could kindly wait while i land the drone we can talk and i will gladly show her what I am doing and she can see any photos or footage. After landing I just explained calmly what i was doing and at no time was her property in view and no photos have been taken. She actually then apologised for acting erratically, and actually became quite friendly. She was then very impressed at what I was doing and could see a good benefit from aerial footage. I think i may even have gained another follower, so for the benefit of us all, I think better to engage and try to turn that person around in there thinking. The more we can show thats its a good thing then the easier and better for all is droners out there. :blush::+1:


Totally agree, its better to end up friendly and not to get drone pilots a bad name.

Good approach. There’s no benefit in antagonising people, as satisfying and tempting as it is with some of these people. It’ll just continue to perpetuate the belief that drone pilots are up to no good.