Conisborough Viaduct S Yorkshire

Finally got chance to take a flight today. Its been a long time, 29th November the last one!

Conisborough Viaduct


Looks like we both got “viaducted” out today Andy.
Love the video by the way !!.


Nice video. Looks abandoned? Must check it out. Subbed.

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This gets you the Industrial Revolution Badge. :+1:


Just used by the walkers and cyclists now Karl, not far from me

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Nice one, Been there a few times myself.

It was a really nice place to fly.
Unlike my more recent flights, people I encountered were really quite pleasant, no moaning about drones etc, it really was good.
Dont know if thats because of the area, or i had a my “license” badge hanging around my neck :wink:

Salt of the earth me duck.

Lovely folk the South Yorkies. Not as nice as us Wezzies, but lovely nevertheless


Hi what drone did you use

Mavic 2 pro

Thanks I have the platinum, spark and now the Mavic Mini nice video

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