Connecting a Mavic Air 2 to a Tablet

I have just had delivered my spanking new Mavic Air 2. I also have a Mavic Mini and recently purchased a Samsung S6 Tab Lite tablet.

I have been trying to connect both drones to the tablet and they work fine using the DJI cable for both drones however the cable is too short so I have been trying to locate a couple of cables but the two I got of Amazon do not work.

Can anyone help locate a couple of cables that are proven to work? What I am after is as follows:

USB Micro to USB Type C - for Mavic Mini
USB Type C to USB Type C - For Mavic Air 2

Many thanks

Have a look at the Anker stuff on Amazon, always good quality.

I’m guessing you need about a 300mm?

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Thanks. Also, if anyone knows… is there a switch on the controller to activate the second USB port on the bottom of the controller? Mine doesn’t seem to want to work.

You have to disconnect the side usb cable from the RC for the bottom one to work.

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Need to unplug the side one

Unfortunately it cannot be that. I only have one working cable and I have to unplug it from the top connection to the bottom one. :thinking:

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After further investigation, it seems the bottom USB port is used for charging the RC and connecting it to a PC. It is not used as an alternative port for a tablet/phone. I have also identified a cable which was staring me in the face as it connects my work dock to my laptop. Problem solved. Thanks troops. :grin: