Contacting ATC

So I contacted Heathrow ATC to see if I can fly at Richmond park (it’s outside a FRZ) but within class D he said that I still need to notify them (not sure if that is actually true) and gave me a tel to ring - no answer but it was late so maybe that’s why.

Richmond Park is quite unique as it has a Flying Field. It’s a designated area inside the park where you can fly to your hearts contempt. AFAIK no need to ask for anyones permission. Outside that area there are a few warnings saying that drone flying is not allowed ;-(.

There is a London Heli-route zapping straight through the middle … but they shouldn’t be as low as 400ft there.

The information he gave you is wrong.

Class D airspace is no longer relevant for Drones under 20kg.

You do not have to ask permission and therefor they cannot tell you no.

On the PfCO course you would be advised to consider ‘advising’ the ATC dependant on how close you are to an FRZ and wind direction, just in case of a flyaway.

Looking at the area and that it is a recognised flying area approved by the park, then this is not an issue.


So the number he gave me was for Swanwick and that guy said outside blue zone no need to ring

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Well they said to have ATC number on hand in case of flyaway

That’s really rather funny!

If there’s a flyaway (and why are they so hung up on something that just doesn’t happen these days! #TouchesWood ) …
a) chances are you don’t know where it is so what are you going to tell them? … and
b) who’s going to sit back and relax on a log in Richmond Park, take out their phone, find the number and casually tell them anything … you’re going to be hot foot in the direction it was last seen heading!