Controlled Airspace

How would I go about getting permission as a non PFCO to fly in controlled airspace, such as here. Centre of Glasgow, not the airport NFZ, just in the blue shaded area.

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I guess it comes down to who and why it is controlled.

In a prior thread I mentioned about submitting a NATs request to fly in an area that has two overlapping NFZs. I, just yesterday, got a reply saying “in principle they agree but please phone Cardiff ATC on the day of flight”.

Which, to complete this @OzoneVibe did say just do that.

The blue shaded area shows as class D airspace on drone assist and extends down to where I live.

I fly in it regularly although not in Glasgow City.

Where were you planning on flying?

Hi Callum. There’s an Extinction Rebellion event tomorrow, which I’m livestreaming from my Osmo mobile, but I was going to take the Mavic, just in case I found an open-ish area somewhere.
I think its very unlikely that I can find anywhere 50 metres away from people but I would kick myself if the opportunity arose and I didn’t have it with me.
The exact location won’t be given until 5 minutes before the event but it will be in the centre somewhere.

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As long as you can satisfy drone code and not in Glasgow FRZ then you should be good mate and wont need permission.

Like you said, no harm taking it in case an opportunity arrises but chances of finding somewhere in the city will probably be slim.

Thanks Callum. Yeah, probably not likely but you never know. That’s why I got the zoom :smile:

NATS only seem to work weekdays so I can’t check with them.


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NATS are in Swanwick - near Southampton - they’ll never see you! :wink:


I know Dave, I used to drive past there. I just phoned them and got the security guy!


Have you tried NATS Prestwick?

Just spoke to NATS Prestwick and Glasgow and they were both extremely helpful. I should phone them about 30 mins before flight but he sees no problems. Also he said the police like to be informed on 101 - hahaha! I bet they do! Not a legal requirement but it helps them if a member of the public phones them!

The reality is its very unlikely I can get 150 metres away from people & buildings.


150 metres if it’s 1,000 or more people.

So I was obviously posting that at the same time as you :joy:

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The police helicopters will probably be out in force, another thing to watch out for.


Yes, I realised my mistake there.

I might just take a very long pole instead!

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150m pole … with a launch pad on top. :wink:


:rofl: Perfect idea!


Good luck getting a call answered within 30 mins :wink:


Agreed, dialling 101 is a non-starter.

I’d log the flight in the NATS app as well (which you can do well in advance), I think you’ve covered all the bases mate :+1:t2:


Can you fit a gun to your drone,and take out a few of these nutters!!:+1::+1::rofl::rofl: