Controller Charging faster with non stock charger

So, DJI USB ports charge my controller sooo slowly… plugged it into my Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger for my Galaxy Note… now I can see the % increase appreciably …4% per 3/4 minutes vs sloth DJI mode…Strange that DJI put low amp USB’s on their charger…

I know of course a trickle chargewill last longer in practise. but it is interesting all the same… let’s see how long I get from the controller now,…

It’s a 2A socket so in theory should charge at same rate as your phone charger.

Problem is that the total rated power is shared between the 13v and 5v outputs.

Charging both battery and controller at same time increases charge time of both.

I tend to do same and charge controller separately.

I use the usb on mavic charger for my tracker which charges at less than 500mA.

You will get same battery life from controller no matter what rate you charge it at.

Hi Callum, makes sense… I am quite interested to see the actual runtime after the fast charge…I am new to DJI etc. so have no comparison… but elsewhere slow charge = long runtime…

I guess fast charge is useful if onsite and need to get a Red Bull charge… but to be fair we can all wait for a slow overnight charge … tim ewill tell

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It’s not really a fast charge though, 2A is becoming standard for most new devices with lithium batteries.

Your adaptive charger rate is 2A, same as DJI block.

With adaptive charger it increases voltage to 9v during fast charge. The device needs to support fast charge though like the Samsung models or phones with Qualcomm quickcharge.
The mavic remote will just charge at standard rate up to 2A.

The whole fast vs slow charge debate is becoming less relevant with advances in battery tech and high discharge rates outweighing any benefits in trickle charging.

I don’t think you will see any difference but let us know if you do.