Controller Lost Connectivity

Been out for a short flight this morning and had a big issue with the new DJI controller that comes with the Mini 2 - I had it linked to my Google Pixel 3XL…

Mid flight I totally lost visual connectivity with the drone. It was still responsive but the feed on the phone screen froze and was unresponsive. Luckily I had plenty of battery left and after about a minute I managed to get the phone to respond - locked / unlocked and went back into the DJI Fly app and linked straight back up and it was like it never happened.

No idea if this was a phone or a controller / drone issue… what do you think? I wonder if the phone can’t keep up and was lagging. I’d taken a few shots but at this point was just flying around, not taking video at that point either.

When I got reconnected the display was green and pixelated but cleared after a second or 2 but then back to normal and managed to get full visual control back.


Phone issue.

Agree :+1:

Unlikely cause but you never know. Do you have app auto update enabled? New Fly version released, could have updated mid flight.

If the controller stayed connected (which it did otherwise a RTH would have happened), its app or phone.

Sign up for an Airdata (free) account and upload the flight data for more clues.


No. Don’t auto update any of my apps. I like to have control of that.


I agree with what @milkmanchriss @R0CKEYES, when the controller looses connection it does not respond and after a few seconds it triggers return home.
Most likely an app failure.
Also, the new controller supports two ways of transmitting video to the controller. “Normal Mode” and “HD”. Try it on normal mode, as it needs a lot less data.

Also, how much storage do you have spare on your phone? Is it internal or on an SD card?
I’m saying this because, storage on your phone cannot be full, as all this data been sent and received would most likely use some kind of cache memory. And the internal memory is much faster than SD card memory, so ideally, apps that demand more from your phone, should be always installed internally and not on the SD card.