Controller USB port warning


Just a handy tip (see photos)
Many of you will know that the USB port on the side of the controller is almost square. A lot of people try and insert the charging cable in upside down first before realising their error. This results in bending the small tab inside the connector, after a few times the tab breaks off, leaving you with no way to charge the controller and an expensive repair bill.
Either put a dot of white paint on the charging cable to indicate which way round it goes, or for a couple of quid, buy a magnetic charging cable.
The USB end stays permanently in the controller and is unobtrusive, and the cable just attaches via a magnet.
Of course it

means you use the bottom USB port for connecting to your phone/tablet but it saves wear on the side USB port.

Magnetic charger lead for mavic 2 controller

Hi Brian,

I just want to be sure :blush:.

Is this the type of thing?


Does the Mavic 2 controller sport a USB-C on the side? Or a Micro USB like the Mavic 1? :thinking:

If not, then no @rorymax that’s not the one you need.

Here’s (a rather expensive) Micro USB one on Amazon:

eBay might be a better bet for a more realistically priced version?


That’s the thing. If you look on eBay you can specify which connector you want, or all three, (Micro usb, usbC and lightning for iPad/phone)


That’s the ones on eBay.


It’s the micro usb, exactly the same as the Mavic 1 controller