Cooling tower demolition

I’ll put this down as a practice run for the 4 coming down in October.

Probably needed to be the other side, but still its one to add to the collection.

Ferrybridge Power Station this morning.


Could you hear the explosion(s) and collapse from where you were?

Yes quite clearly, we were 2.2km away and the drone about 1.2km away from the site.

It was a bit impromptu in the end, weather has been that shit we weren’t going to go.

*and we were under the impression it was the last tower on the right that was going ;o(

Was thinking - for the next ones it could be worth setting up an audio recording device (phone on a tripod, or something) and merging the audio.
In real life there would be about a 4 sec delay over that distance (the 1.2km) … but, since (it looks like) you’ve cropped in, you could move it to about 1 sec and it would look good. 0 secs would appear false … probably.


Well done for getting that Chris !, takes me back to my days working in the Power Station back in the 80s.

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You weren’t far from me. I had the same shots. Will post when I get home

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Here’s a still photo. Just looking at your vid and I must have been slap bang in front of you but closer to the towers. Your videos is clearer and better colours.

I was at 360 feet.


I was just short of the motor auctions.

I did crop about 25% and colour graded using Color Finale in FCPX

Nice one Chris

1 Like was just off the old A1 at Brotherton, next to the metal railway bridge. There is a bungalow next to some open ground, this bungalow was used in a detective program a few years ago, where it was supposed to be set alight. They used high powered arc lights and flame bars in the windows for the flames, and a few pyrotechnics. I had to advise any trains passing, not to phone the cops or fire brigade because it was only a film.


Nice one, i was going to try and get over to see it come down, but full English got in the way lol :fried_egg:


Heads up for tomorrow (Sunday 13th) 4 more towers going between 9 and 11.

Weather forecast is shit and I’m stuck on nights, but might be an opportunity for anyone local, just to see the spectacle.

Can you tell me where would be best place to take off might be free tomorrow I think there is a 1 mile flight Restriction in place NFZ

There’s a load of “activity” in the area …


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Yes there is

The blue ones will turn red in the morning at/by 7:30.
The red ones are all flights that have been logged … the inner ones all pro people …


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Ok thanks

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Is that red circle on the outside of the NFZ you Naz? :slight_smile:

No that is not me

I am trying to find a good spot to fly from if I can make it tomorrow