Copterus is an App I downloaded from Apple App Store, and seems to be a free app allowing waypoint mission routing and automated flightplans. Haven’t tried it out yet, and it seems a bit basic, but then again the price is right. You can set heights for what I think is up to 5 waypoints, and repeat the mission up to 15 times, and you can instruct the drone to take photos or start/stop video; I think you can hover at waypoints and ajdust the gimbal and drone heading without disturbing the mission.

If so, this is excellent value for money! Has anyone used it and what are your impressions? I’d like ‘follow me’ and ‘orbit’ ability as well, but will have to have a paid-for app for these TTBOMK, in which case Copterus would become redundant as a paid-for app would have all of it’s features, and presumably more.

You know about Litchi?

99 WPs on older drones, more on some recent ones.
Can repeat the mission as many times as you want.
Everything else you mention, and far more.
Android, also.

What do those letters stand for @TheJohnster ?

Doesn’t Litchi only work on DJI drones?

I think it means ( to the best of my knowledge )
Which is to the best of mine as well :grin:

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Oh right, ta :+1:t2:

There’s no way I’d have got that one, I’m clearly not down with the kids and their abbreviations :blush:


That was in use in the 90s on IRC. :wink: … though AFAIK is what I’d use, coz iz laz!

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Copterus only works with DJI drones, so your P8 is out of luck mate

He’s got a Mini SE haven’t you heard :joy:

I’m just going off his profile mate

I gave the P8 away to a neighbour when I got the Mini 2 SE, Spike. It didn’t have gps anyway. Time to alter my profile!

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I don’t use it either, my son is terrible for abbreviations / slang call it if you like, he sends me a short hand message & I have to ring him & ask him what he’s going on about :rofl:


I use some; IIRC (if I remember correctly), AFAIK/CT (as far as I know/can tell), Tx (Thanks), FTFY (fixed that for you). They save time when you are using the phone or computer keyboard and some situations limit the number of characters allowed in a message.

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Profile updated, BTW (by the way).

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Acronyms? FTFAGOS!




Looking at the reviews on the App Store doesn’t give a very good impression of it.
Apparently not been updated in over 3 years!
Probably won’t work with a lot of the newer drones either.
Shame as it looks fairly good.

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We can but try, and there is no cost to bear if it doesn’t work. Also looking at Maven, which is a paid-for app. I’m making an assumption that, because some of the compatible drones above have the same body and RC as my Mini 2 SE and it is possible that the app has not updated the list, Mini 2 SE being a more recent introduction than those listed, it’ll work. If not I’ll bin it. Maven has follow me and follow me/orbit, both of which I’d use.