If a company pays you to do some filming, and there’s no actual contract, do you think it’s assumed that they are paying for the copyright?

i would of thought therew would haave to be a contract stating you couldnt use the footage etc if they pay you to do a job etc if not then its fair game IMO


The copywrite belongs to you, you are merely being paid for them to reproduce the image for their use. They cannot sell or use the image beyond the original request for what they intended and paid for unless they buy out your copywrite.

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You own the copyright no matter what, but without a contract how would you prove that they had gone beyond a verbal agreement of the intended usage of your photos/video?

Can they use them once, twice, multiple times, unlimited use? Can they sell copies?

A contract binds them legally to whatever you agree between yourselves, and the fee is usually dependent upon usage.

I did a job for a barber and a famous boxer client of his, a photo for his shop wall, a verbal agreement. He also put the photo in a local paper, as a story not an advert, but really it was an advert. No mention I took the photo, no extra cash. It’s a big learning curve dealing with folks in business… even so called mates next door.