Corrupted flight data sync's and photo/video file created dates and times that are incorrect using DJI mini 3 Pro with RC

Thx Alan. I can confirm they are the same versions that I have. I checked the date/time stamp of photo I took tonight which was correct. May that continue! :pray: Flight records for yesterday are still corrupt though. :cry:

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Let’s hope so, mine has been fine so far since updating it…

I also had wrong info showing up after flights. I had the Mini 3 pro up briefly today but brought her down due to the winds.
Checked info on Airdata this evening and pleased to say now all is well.

Great. I’ll check mine out tomorrow and see how I get on. :+1:

Re my earlier post about not being able to import an authorisation licence to my Mini 3 Pro. I’ve only just noticed that the custom unlock Dji support sent is valid for 3 months! Quite impressed by that🙂

Took the mini 3 Pro out this afternoon. Didn’t connect RC to home WiFi or hotspot and flew for 15 minutes. :face_in_clouds: Checked Flight logs post flight and all were spot on. :partying_face: Just hope it stays that way! Thx everybody for your input it was a relief that I was not the only one with the issue and that it seems that the update has cured it …