Coventry Meetup Hawksbury Golf Course 6th June

Hi. This is a proposed meet for next Saturday morning (6-6-20).
Obviously a maximum 6 people can attend, keeping at least 2 mtrs apart at all times.
This is a great chance to meet fellow pilots, experienced or novice.
Park around the red circle in the photo. Please reply if interested. :grinning:
Plenty of room to practice.
gps: 52°27’39.0"N 1°28’15.4"W
52.460833, -1.470934

What3words: ///ozone.vibrate.riding (sorry @OzoneVibe :rofl:)

@anon34183503 @Steviegeek @crapflyer @evilbobbins @Cigarfingers @Mrpolds @andy_bee_1 and anyone else I’ve missed.


I’m OK, hope it’s not like the seven dwarfs one extra, what will you do

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Open to suggestions. I’m easy.

They’ll have to form their own group :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I could be down for that :slight_smile:

Teach me orbits please!

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I’m sure I could give a few pointers :slight_smile:

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Count me in :+1:
all being well

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So currrent list is


Think that leaves space for 2…

Earlier the better time wise for me

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I’ll aim for 9:00am :slightly_smiling_face:

That works for me. Means charging the night before but yea

I do need to make sure I’m home in the afternoon for stream setup however… got a special guest (my fave to be honest)

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Bring your inav wing :wink:

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Same I can charge Friday anb be over for 9 - 930 :slight_smile:

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9am Sounds good

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where is @OzoneVibe :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Hope he’s OK in these difficult times :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately i won’t be able to get there this time guys, thanks for the heads up tho! Hope you have a good one!

Might be raining anyway :cloud_with_rain: