Cover Drone?

Has anyone ever dealt with Cover Drone? Found them accidently and not 100% sure if they take hobbyist flyers or only business.

If you fly for recreation only, I would join FPVUK and pay the £20 a year for the £5,000,000 public liability, no cover on actual equipment though.

If you are flying commercially, I’ve heard very good things about Flock and you can purchase cover for a flight test or a single day commercial shoot at reasonable prices.

Depends what you want the cover for.

I have got the FPVUK public liability insurance, but this appears to cover the drone for damage / loss etc. At the moment I will only be flying as a hobbyist.

I will read a little more into it, but I am after some insurance that will cover my drone once the DJI Refresh expires that isn’t going to cost a fortune!

Sorry, don’t have equipment cover after the DJI Refresh has expired.

I use them when I took mt PfCO they recommended coverdrone not cheap but happy to pay
as stated pay the £20 if your only doing hobby flights and if your going all in the other option is the pay when you fly as another option but than can become more expensive if the business takes off (excuse the pun)

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I am covered by Flyicarus. Never had to claim so cant comment on how they are when a claim is required.