Crack on DJI ND filter

I noticed this afternoon that my recently purchased DJI ND filters have a crack in the glass (ND 16) I don’t know if I have done it or it arrived cracked as I had not used it on the drone. I knew I should of gone Polar Pro !!!

eek - Warranty ?

Bugger I have got the same ones had them for about 3 months now and had now problems, hope you get them sorted out…

Is the outer casing damaged? Or just the lens itself?

How long a go did you order them? I’d be tempted to play dump if its within 30 days saying arrived damaged

Just the glass

Had the. 2 weeks I think I will email the supplier I genuinely don’t think I have broken it, seems it’s a common fault with them.

Hobbymount have responded to my email and said I can return for a refund. it’s a common issue a lot of people have the cracked glass problem. I will now order the Polar Pro. Well done great customer service.


Gald you got it sorted. I’ll have to check mine but i only ever use nd16 and i know thats fine as i flew with it yesterday