Cracked lens repair

Decided to have a quick fly after finishing a night shift resulted in a head on with a metal pole.
Also realised I hadn’t put the sd card back in the goggles :weary:
Anyway has anyone replaced one and is it easy ( I know nothing to do with fpv is easy ).

What camera is it? I know @notveryprettyboy has experience in lenses and the changing of. I think it’s pretty straightforward you just need to focus it correctly using a chart and a measured distance. That’s as much as I know lol


caddx polar.
Looking on youtube looks like its just a case of heating it up to release the glue.
Also managed to order a replacement lens from drone authority £14 could have been worse :flushed:


opened camera up to find sensor come off the board so new camera time :pleading_face:

That must of hit hard! :grimacing: Hope you get it sorted and back flying soon :crossed_fingers:t2:

It did sound like a church bell when it hit to be fair.
new caddx polar ordered also a foxxer apollo as a back up.

Nice to see the TPU protector worked :rofl:

I did the same with my Caddx Rattel. I believe most lenses are pretty interchangeable as long as you get the right thread size. Just unscrewed the lens and screwed the new one in. No complicated calculations to focus it, just did it by eye and tightened the locking ring.


The old lens had an infra red filter and the new one doesn’t, so everything’s very pink. :laughing: its like flying in a weird, Manga cartoon.

Oscar has all the deets.


All fixed and flying again new tpu bumper installed.

Lets see if this one works any better.
Also conformal coated everything anyone got any experience with it in rain,wet grass typical british weather in general.

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I would do the conformal thing, if only I could find a way of stopping the lens from blurring up. Maybe some F1 visor sort of contraption :grin:

Going to try this

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I’ll be interested if this works out. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Gob, spit on it

Trust me the good old gob works

When diving its the first thing you learn, all this stuff you can buy to stop the mask from fogging up is a waste of cash it doesn’t work

Before you do anything, before the mask goes anywhere near your face you Must spit in it

I reckon it will work on the lens, give it a go, do it before you leave the house as any condensation on it before the magic gob will stop it from working to its full potential :grinning:

I have heard this too. The lens is tiny though so my gob will have to be very smooth and consistent?

The rain x we use on the mirrorless mercs lorries and works really well if that’s any helps


good to know waiting on amazon to deliver :roll_eyes: