Craigtoun Snow - Fife, Scotland

Overnight snow last week presented the opportunity for some nice footage at Craigtoun Country Park, with my Mavic Mini.Time was limited and hands so so cold while filming, but some nice footage and a nice tune to match. Still learning editing/colour grading and flying


Really nice. :ok_hand:

Great video, nicely edited and works well with the music. Looks a great place to fly, I’ll need to head up there once wee Nic lets us out. Hope you don’t mind, just one thing I spotted, your colour balance changes between clips. Are you on auto white balance?

possibly but I thought I had it locked

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aah thinking back, it may have been auto-exposure that was locked, not auto white balance

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Great video and especially the music.
Is it a royalty free track that anyone can use?
If so could I possibly have access to it?
Thanks for your help.

yeah sure, the track is

the site has some great royalty free tracks for use

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Thanks very much - it really is a wonderful track and a talented artist.

I find it easier to set a manual white balance and leave it at that. It’s never that far out and I can correct it, if it is, in post edit.

Thanks for posting the links, I’m always on the lookout for new tracks I can use :+1:

good tip

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Great video well put together and very good flying, video tells its own story and audio is a great match 10/10