Crash Avoidance

Hi Everyone

As I’ll be buying my first drone possibly this week(MP) and I am petrified of crashing it, can I ask what are your experiences of crashing and your advice to avoid it please ? I would be very grateful for your help :grin:

Can’t help you on that one. Hasn’t happened.

Ummm … by not flying into things.

Seriously, though, you’re getting far too worried about something that you don’t need to worry about.
Let go of the controls and they stop (pretty quickly) and hover where they are whilst you gather your thoughts … so crashing into things only happens if you fly it in a way that causes the crash.
With the collision avoidance switched on, it will normally stop you flying (forwards) into something anyway. The next MP (release expected very soon) is thought to have side and rear sensors, too.

Its a doddle big field get set up press auto take off your in the air if your that worried use beginner mode then to land press button again lands its self or return to home there is a pause button on the controller in case it all goes a bit mad but wont do anything silly in beginner mode. So good luck

So there is! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Genuinely never had a need to use once in over 18 months.

checks no loose bits props on ok battery fitted ok take gimble cover and the transport bit off before you switch Drone on. Switch on got satellites all locked on good battery’s all ready to go then the drone code 50mtr 150mtr all good fun. Best nobody else around when you fly first so no distractions as people love to talk to you

i only used it to try it out it does work :wink:

@greenarmy1978 I understand what you may be thinking, especially if you’ve flow other less “clever” drones. I handbuilt my first specifically because I worried about crashing and breaking, and I did, a lot! However the MP is in a different league, So stable and easy to fly, as others have said, make sure you use beginner mode, get a good GPS lock in open space and have fun!

Guys this is great, thank you for your replies, it puts me a bit more at ease. I’ll certainly follow all your advice for sure. Do I ask another question in a new thread or carry on here ?

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Either. There’s no quota. :wink:

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Ok cool, I just wanted to ask about Raw and JPEG, which do you guys use ? I’ve read pros n cons about both

The MP can take both at the same time. So the plus is you have a choice as which to use, the only minus is the files are larger and you may need a larger card.
Chances are you’ll need a larger card anyway … particularly if you head into 4k video. So not much of a minus.

Ah ok great thanks ! What is the max card the MP will take ? 64gb ?

I use a 64gb cards … I think that’s what the specs claim is a max, too.
Chances are a 128gb will work, but it may not use all the space.
A good quality fast 64gb is your friend, imo. Cost isn’t important compared to the frustrations I’ve read about where people have tried to save a few £££.

SanDisk SDSQXAF-064G-GN6MA Extreme microSDXC Memory Card Plus SD Adapter with A1 App Performance Up to 100MB/s, 64 GB, Class 10, U3, V30 I’ve seen recommendations for this one

The 16GB version of the same card comes with the MP so that should be fine. I went for the 32GB version as I try to clear the memory card after every flight. It’s more than enough for three batteries worth of video recording in 2.7k (haven’t tried 4K).

A Lexar came with mine, their site currently has a Panasonic card on the “In the box” page.
But, yes … good spec … and with a theoretical top rate of 60mbs from the camera, 100mbs card has a comfortable margin. :+1:

I use those exact cards in my Mavic Pro @greenarmy1978 mate :+1:

Beware dodgy fakes on eBay!

I only ever buy memory cards (and batteries) from reputable sources :smiley:

As Dave said, the MP has a “JPG+RAW” setting, so for each photo you take, you get two files on the memory card (same file name, different extensions).

Dave also mentioned the difference in file size between the two. In order to give you an example, each JPG is around 3.8MB and each accompanying DNG file is 18.9MB :open_mouth:

Have a search on here for either ‘raw’ or ‘Lightroom’ - you’ll find a few examples of the power of editing RAW photos - what might look on screen like a really washed out image or a very over-exposed photo can be completely turned around if you’ve the RAW file to edit :+1:

Somebody said to me - “Watch out for trees, they reach out and grab quadcopters” - sage advice I thought, even though I now can’t fly wherever there’s a tree in view and think of Fangorn and the Ents…

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Haha ! :+1:t2: Keep those pesky trees away from my ‘Mav’ ! :helicopter::grin: