I decided to have a buzz after work and got bored and started messing around with different modes and decided to turn on cinematic mode and should have taken more notice of the warning about more braking distance required for cinematic mode. I did a manoeuvre that I’ve done countless times but it just kept going sideways straight in to a tree. No harm done thankfully and a lesson learned.

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What drone is that then that changes behaviour when entering cinematic mode?

Mavic 2 Zoom mate.

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Ouch :see_no_evil:

You were lucky @Frank - that could have been quite costly!

Not a scratch mate just some new props.

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I tried cinematic mode a few weeks ago and found the difference is in the stopping. Normally when you centre the sticks or stop, the drone will stop very quickly…not in cinematic mode tho.
It’s the equivalent to arriving at a road junction in your car and applying the brakes at the last moment to stop,versus applying gentle but not increasing brake pressure at exactly the same speed and time as before and finding yourself coasting to a stop half way across the junction.

Yep that’s it Brian

You got lucky @Frank.
This was my Phantom 4 just over two years ago, I wasn’t as lucky, the clip ends because the camera ribbon cable got broken, it then fell to its death just short of the moat.
I still have it, I have rebuilt it but it now has a nervous twitch with the camera shaking its head.

The annoying part it recovered well after entering the tree but then started climbing, I couldn’t see it from where I was because of the leaves etc, I could only hear it strimming away at the branches before the thud.

Yes I was lucky mate, not a scratch.