Crashed drone photos

Morbid subject, right?

Regardless, I’m in need of some photos of crashed drones and I’m looking at you @group-fpv flyers for help :blush:

Further to the drone insurance stuff I’m currently putting together, I’m looking for a royalty-free image I can use of a crashed drone.

If you’ve got a photo of a crashed drone you’re willing to share, I’d love to see it here please. Replying with a photo assumes you’re providing it for use by GADC, royalty free, as they see fit.

Plus, some of our more morbid members here secretly like seeing crashed drone pics :grimacing:


Hi Rich,
Plenty more where this came from :laughing:

My son’s Wizard 220S after it lost an argument with a goalpost - we never did find the FPV camera…

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FPV quads are built to be crashed so nothing terminal. But a small collection of damaged quads from my crashes :+1:t2:

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Thanks for the pics guys!

Anyone got a photo of their drone on the floor in pieces? :grimacing:

This could become the longest thread in the shortest time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nope that’s the best I got… maybe I need to crash harder :thinking:

Planning a meet at willington cooling towers soon, that place is a quad killer so should be some pretty spectacular crashes there lol

I haven’t took photos of mine when it’s crashed. But I’ll make an effort now


Did you crash that in a vat of baby powder? :rofl:

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Um I went through a window and crashed in something. Probably asbestos

More likely powdered limestone. :wink:

Might be a useful website for finding other places.


Telemetry shows 67+mph, descending, 15 ft off the ground. :see_no_evil:

Replaced by brand new M2P, FOC by DJI even when not covered by their care scheme!
Telemetry also showed “landing” on the same line as the above. :sweat_smile:

Servo failure

You need foldable props, I learnt the hard way :frowning:

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Nah I got 10 props for about a fiver. The prop was the least of my worries. Gluing up nicely now though for the next crash

Nah, I mean it looks like the rear motor mount is ripped out due to prop digging in ground.
Did it a few times on my HD wing :frowning_face:

Ah I see. Yes it got ripped out. :+1: