Crashed drone photos


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That looks expensive :grimacing: What happened Karl?

I’m guessing the ground.

Win one lose one @notveryprettyboy :wink:

The frame was cheap. I didn’t set it up right after I bodged it with glue after the previous half a dozen crashes.

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See if DJI Refresh look after this one

Is that yours? @gunja99

haha no, fortunately not (I have a 1 and that’s a 2 though you can’t really tell!). We found it at Willingon Towers when we went the other week.

On related subject My work mate tried to hand land his Mini 2 from his Kayak, and had a watery grave. He got a new one back using DJI Refresh yesterday!

I looks like it got run over by a bus :grin:
Yeah DJI refresh is good for things like that to be fair

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Hah, again related… I’ve ALWAYS wanted to fly an RC plane ever since being a kid and making balsa wood models with my brother. Have just started meeting RC people in the last couple of weeks, and they had these little SonikRC Warbird polystyrine planes. Had a little go with one, thought great, picked one up Saturday so on Sunday when charging me batteries on me new self built quad I could have a go…

So Sunday comes… Get me little corsair out… Lets go… I throw it straight into a fence post on first launch. Had they laughed… OK round 2… Someone else shows me how to launch… OMG how hard are they to fly LOS. I’ve been on the quads too long. Planes don’t stop… Anyways I hit a telegraph pole 100m away (that in the 4 years of these guys hiring this field they’ve never hit). Boom, down goes the plane right into the road… OH NO… First flight and it’s on a road…

We walk over, and to our surprise there it in on the middle white lines in one piece, when cars come past… Vroom vroom… Car hits it (the wing), it bounces. No cars we dash and get it… It’s somehow totally fine! Prop has gone (but they safety props, and we got a spare). And it flew again…

Anyways decided I hate planes… Anyone want a SonikRC Corsair in blue? lol

I suspect there may be a similar story behind the “only flown a couple of times” Nazgul I got on ebay. :laughing:

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Hah to be fair I’m amazed it survived and with NO apparent damage. I did fly it again later and was fine. It’s just different to quads, or course it is, think maybe I’d prefer FPV with planes too… Nice to watch a plane, where as drones are ugly!

Yes it was there when we went as well. I think it lives there now… along with several expanded Lipos.

I saw these and was also interested.

Yes, deffo only interested in FPV! I have very poor depth perception so LOS is a complete swine for me, I can’t tell how close the thing is to trees.

“at least you landed it, better than a flyaway which would have left you with nothing to glue together”… :thinking:

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I use that statement loosely.

There you go Karl, I fixed it for you mate :laughing:

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Yours is still in a better state than mine at the moment lol its all in pieces on the kitchen table waiting for some parts before I can put it back together :laughing:

Not sure if I’ve posted this one before…

Yes, it’s upside down, with a GoPro Session strapped to its belly