Creative Video Editing Services wanted?

Hi All
A bit off the wall really…
I have 4 x 64Gb worth of drone footage, shot on a M2P in H265, from a great Scotland trip…
However, my skill level on FCP is not great…
Does anybody know of anyone who offers creative editing services? a reasonable price
I say “creative” because I need someone who can “see” the good scenes amongst all the other stuff;)
I know this is a cop out but I really dont have the time and skill to do this justice
Im Midlands based
Apols if posted in wrong category…
Thanks in advance


What does 4 x 64GB equate to in time @Clarkey ?

And how long do you want the runtime of the finished video to be?

Q1 Ahhhh, cant answer the first one TBH, Ill have to look on the cards. I recorded on H265 cos that was “fashionable”, but know Im concerned that, if Ive understood correctly, the compression could mean even more run time…
I know Im at the edge of my knowledge here;)

Q2 I would be happy with 20 min total run time, perhaps 2 x 10 min videos

Im really after someone to do the first rough edit and then I can finish off

I recognise its a time consuming job…and I might just have to man up:)


I would think it will be costly so you may have to do is have a look at you tube vids and learn it’s fun. I am still learning over and over with Davinci Resolve good luck :wink:


Is this going to be used for professional purposes of just for your own use? :thinking:


@Clarkey I’m possibly able to help you here. I do enjoy a bit of video editing, but yes it’s very time consuming stuff! Scotland and drones? Sounds like a winning combination.

PM me and we can discuss what you need.



Top offer @Longstride :+1:t2:


ScubaDave: you’re right I’m ok with shorter stuff, this is just too much of an elephant for me

McSteamy: good point, for private use, tho I would like To post on YY for family etc to see. It won’t be “commercial”


Longstride: thanks for the offer, will PM you tonight…

I work with FCP all the time .

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Hi Shane

Im having a chat with someone to help, if that doesnt work out Ill contact you. Thanks for the offer.


Ok you have made a rod etc your on my list of contacts lol well done for stepping up to the plate :ok_hand:there should be a badge for that :thinking: