Crooked Spire

Hope you enjoy comments welcome !!! :+1::grinning:


Some great angles and camera movements in that video :+1:

Thanks I abandoned the litchi app and flew by hand in DJI a lot less stressful and the Mavic handled better in DJI …


Cool video!!

How close to the floor were you flying in that opening sequence?

Did you edit the whole video using DJI’s software?

What drunken eejit built that spire?!

I was about 14" off the floor it maintained it course so well I was amazed because of the full canopy of trees, the editing was done in FCPx and I shot it 2700 for the 1st time, this made the editing side a little easier on my mac book…
People say that the oak wasnt seasoned enough and as it dried out it twisted…

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@Ktm250 Your transitions are Stunning, The speed of movement Is also perfect as is the sound track which really capture to mood or feel for the Subject, How the Hell did to drown a drone when you fly this one with such skill ? You made My Day. Stunning is an understatement . :star::star::star::star::star:

I need to get Final Cut Pro On my iMac.

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Thank you HE the drowning of the drone well it was silly really it was hovering over the water just fine went to make some changes to the settings on the phone and hand set and it just drifted without my knowledge about 3 /4 mts over to the island where the trees where that i was deliberately staying away from, I looked up and crash bang wallop splash tooooo late to recover it, so stripped down to my skids and in the water to find her…